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Stressed Woman

My first visit to David in July 2011 was because I was depressed and unable to cope with life. I have noticed since my first visit the dramatic changes that have taken place, in particular in my emotional and mental states. My ability to cope with my work and home life has improved dramatically. David has encouraged me to examine the causes of my problems which stem from my childhood, and I feel that this is enabling me to live a much more fulfilling life. I encourage anyone who is struggling with this demanding time, with so many pressures, to try David’s treatments as I have had such amazing results and during the low times I am much better equipped to deal with them. My lows are not so low and do not last as long and I have many more happy contented times. David is compassionate and is always available to meet all your needs.

Blood pressure reader
High Blood pressure

Dear David Many thanks for all your help and support during the last year. I am improving and have now seen Dr Nay Thitsar Tun at the Dr House in Yungaburra and am in the process of reducing the blood pressure tablets. I really appreciate the wide scope of assistance that you provided and would recommend your treatment.

Stressed Man
Tired, stressed, and hormonal

After taking various medications, long term (including antidepressants for 13 years) my body was completely out of balance physically, mentally and emotionally. I was completely drained of energy, anxious, hormonal, and in intense physical pain on a daily basis. My digestive system had now shut down for three weeks and conventional medicine did nothing! I had been to see numerous doctors-none of which could help alleviate any of the symptoms let alone pinpoint the problem. After numerous amounts of tests and more prescribed medications I was no closer to getting any relief, after many months. When I saw David I was so amazed at how he was able to start giving me almost instant relief from my symptoms. Months after starting treatment I am balanced, happy and getting stronger by the week. I am now going to the gym and running again. I have David to thank for his alternative and natural approach to healing. Thank You David!

Tonsillitis and behavior

My 4 year old son had enlarged tonsils and adenoids, which resulted in throat infections, snoring, sleep apnea, loss of appetite, weight loss, mood swings and lack of energy. After consulting a doctor, and my son enduring a number of courses of antibiotics with no noticeable results, I was told that his tonsils and adenoids needed to be surgically removed, which as a mum, was terrifying to hear. I was hesitant to take such a drastic approach, so after hearing about David at the Atherton Natural Medicine Centre, I thought it wouldn't hurt to see what his diagnosis would be before we decided on the surgery.

David was great with my son, very warm and welcoming, and within about four days of seeing David there was a remarkable difference in my son. The infection had gone, there was no more snoring, his sleep apnea had stopped and his appetite had returned in full. Within a week, his mood swings were non-existent, and his energy levels were back to normal. Our family, friends and even his kindy teachers were amazed at the difference in him. A few months on, and there has been no sign of infection, or any of the original symptoms returning, and my son is back to his bubbly self. Needless to say, the surgery was no longer required and my son gets to keep his tonsils and adenoids. I am so impressed with David and his approach to treating my son and I can't recommend the Atherton Natural Medicine Centre highly enough.

Digestion problems

I saw David Pitcher at the Atherton Natural Medicine Centre in August 2010 because I was suffering with digestion problems following my gall bladder removal 7 months before.  My overall health was at an all time low, as was my sense of well being.  Despite the fact that my initial request was to treat my digestive symptoms, David was astute enough to see that the real issues centered more around the anxiety that my illness had produced.  His initial treatment focused on these deeper problems, subsequently I noticed at least a 50 % improvement in my digestion symptoms as well as a dramatic decrease in my levels of anxiety. At my next visit David increased the strength of my treatment as he felt my system would be able to cope.  Within two days of starting my second lot of treatment my digestive problems virtually disappeared.  My anxiety regarding my health and the subsequent depression it brought on have greatly improved.  My indigestion has now almost completely gone however I intend to continue seeing David to have him keep an eye on my overall health and to fine tune my diet and lifestyle as needed.


After breastfeeding my first 2 children with no problems at all, I found myself suffering from multiple bouts of mastitis with my 3rd child.  Over an 8 week period my doctor prescribed antibiotics 3 times.  Each bout was getting worse, with progressively stronger antibiotics required.  The antibiotic courses lasted up to a week and, although effective in treating the mastitis, also upset my baby’s tummy.  Each time the mastitis started during the night, so I had to wait to get a doctor’s appointment, before filling the script for antibiotics.  By this time, the mastitis had well and truly taken hold with fevers and extreme pain during breastfeeding. The 4th time I felt mastitis start, I immediately visited David, who prescribed a homeopathic remedy.  Within hours, the fever was gone and the pain eased, before disappearing completely a short time after.  Once symptoms were gone, I stopped taking the remedy, with no impact on my baby during this time.  I have now used the remedy 8-10 times at the very first sign of mastitis and have not suffered a single bout since.  I keep a bottle in the fridge and always travel with it, so I am able to start taking it any time of day or night. Compared to the cost of multiple doctor’s visits and purchasing antibiotics, David’s treatment has been extremely cost effective.  More importantly though, the peace of mind knowing I am now able to prevent mastitis is priceless and has meant I have been able to successfully continue breastfeeding my baby.  Every breastfeeding mum should keep a bottle in their fridge!

Woman in Pain
Diarrhoea and stomach pain

I went to David after having diarrhoea and stomach pain for 6 days, he recommended a remedy which I took, straight away the symptoms went away and by the next day I was back to normal. I only wish that I went to him sooner, his friendly, thoughtful manner helped over such a delicate problem as well as not having to take any drugs which may have caused side effects.

Woman Sleeping
Worry and sleep

I was experiencing quite severe anxiety when I first decided to have a homeopathic consultation with David.  This anxiety was unusual for me and it was starting to affect my sleep and my daily life.  David found my constitutional remedy and after taking my first dose, I did not experience any of the physical symptoms of anxiety that I had been experiencing previously.  Gradually, over the last few months, many other symptoms and aspects of my life have also improved.  I always found David to be a very good listener and easy to talk to, and he supported me throughout the months that I was seeing him.

Sarah Bartley
Hair loss and skin rash

“I came to see David after suffering for several months with consistent all over body rash and hair loss due to stress and anxiety. I had visited doctors for years with no success, and within several weeks of treatment prescribed by David my hair started to grow back and the rash disappeared almost completely. David is very easy to talk to and a truly helpful person.''


“I went through a huge emotionally testing time prior to seeing David, and felt that my mind and body needed rebalancing somehow. I also discussed with him about a chronic thrush problem I had, possibly stemming from 11 years of antibiotics I had taken for a kidney reflux condition when I was a child.  David suggested trying homeopathy, and after asking me a series of questions about my likes, dislikes, moods, reactions etc, he came up with a remedy that was perfectly suited to me. “A short time after taking the remedy I went through a series of changes in my body.  My moods and emotions levelled out and I felt far less anxious, my periods normalised, my thrush disappeared, my bladder and kidneys strengthened and I became a lot more confident in myself. ”Thankyou David, you are my savior!”

Back Pain
Ovulation pain

I decided to seek homeopathic treatment as I was experiencing abdomen pain due to ovulation, low energy levels, and some ongoing emotional issues. David provided a safe environment for me to express myself which I felt helped me to be open to the remedy that I was prescribed. My energy levels are higher and I am now able to process my emotions much more easily, sub-sequentially I no longer experience abdomen pain. Overall I now feel much more balanced and am enjoying life.

Shelane Osborn
Tired and irritable

I would like to thank you for your assistance.

I had been taking the same traditionally prescribed medications for many years and felt that I was tired of my body being poisoned. I felt tired, lethargic and irritable not to mention I felt that my skin was not looking as good as it could, not to mention that my condition was not improving as good as I thought it would. I decided to try the natural approach and made an appointment at your clinic. In just a few weeks my condition has almost disappeared. I no longer feel tired, lethargic and irritable and I feel that my skin is improving daily. For anyone who feels as I did and is looking for another approach to health care, may I recommend at least trying the natural way to health and well being. What have you got to loose. I did and have never felt better.

Poor memory, hair loss, & exam stress

"I suffered from stress really bad in my final year at uni sending me completely out of balance, it made it difficult for me to remember things, caused my hair to fall out excessively and eventually made me feel quite depressed. Dave treated me over a course of several weeks with homeopathy and by the time exams came around my hair had started to grow back and I passed my finals with great success. I now have the confidence to continue on knowing that I’m back to my normal self!"

Stressed Woman

My Name is Daryl Maddin. David was recommended to me by a previous Homeopathic practitioner I had dealt with. I sought his homeopathic expertise for helping to heal my difficulties with anxiety and stress. I found him to be a very capable Homeopathic physician as well as being understanding and compassionate. My anxiety and stress have been greatly reduced as a result of his therapy, leading me to grow as a person and enjoy much better health.

Daryl Maddin
Blood pressure reader
High Blood Pressure

I initially saw David early in the year of 2015 upon hearing so many encouraging reports form people not even known to me before, “simply” chance encounters (guided). I was suffering from uncontrollable high blood pressure for nine years which was contributed to from major surgery in 2006 which left me menopausal and within days began suffering from it. My GP and doctors at the hospital, which I was admitted on several occasions back then, tryed to maintain it under control to no avail. It’s been dreadful all these years being medicated and mildly reducing the symptoms. Even today when relaxed for no apparent reason my blood pressure just simply spirals out of control. No stress normally, just happened anytime during day or in the middle of the night. With so many different drugs prescribed still wasn’t stabilising. Became so sick, just wanted to give up on life, felt I didn’t have a purpose anymore, was always exhausted. My GP gave up on me, wouldn’t listen. Now with the assistance of David’s homeopathic treatment, and a small amount of prescribed drugs, after all these years of suffering I’m starting to live life to the fullest. Thanks a million for his trusting support throughout this whole ordeal.

Beautiful Skin
Skin condition

I developed an intensely itchy visible skin condition, starting on the feet, then spreading along my lower and upper limbs. Visits to a pharmacist and two GP’s resulted only in antibiotics for infection of the rash but no diagnostic reason for my condition, although one doctor suggested it was an allergy. Of my own accord I visited David, believing that a naturopath could be a better choice for me to find the solution to my problem. After delving sensitively into my past David was able to ascertain that the source of my condition was stress due to the recent death of my husband and some other stressful maters. His medicine effectively eliminated my rash which started receding immediately, for which I thank him and applaud him for his quiet and compassionate approach to patients


“I originally sought help from David when I became fed up with the diagnosis and responses that I received from doctors. My daughter Sienna began suffering from severe constipation from the age of 5 months. She was constantly crying and having severe episodes whenever she had to go, and answers to the cause could not be found. She would last up to a week without going and her belly began to look inflated. I then visited David who listened to what I had to say and dived straight into her medical history as well as mine and came to a conclusion. He prescribed her remedies and after about 2-3 months, Sienna no longer had the constipation problem. No general practitioner could help me but naturopathy could. She is now 20 months and healthy!”

Frozen Shoulder & Arthritis

Two years ago, a private orthopedic surgeon said that the only way to cure my two torn shoulder tendons was a costly operation. I was in a lot of pain as in addition to the torn tendons I also had bursitis and a frozen shoulder. I do not deal with anesthetics very well, am unable to take anti-inflammatories and strong pain killers, so I decided to make an appointment to see David.

I was impressed by his soft calm approach and in-depth consultation where he writes things down rather than tapping away at a computer which makes you feel much more valued as a patient. I especially liked how he asked about childhood and emotional issues as these may be important causal factors in illnesses and disease.


David is currently not taking any new patients.

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