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Natural Immunity

With all the concern around COVID 19 lately many people are looking for ways to protect themselves and stay well. Most health conscious individuals are aware that vitamin D, C and zinc will help ensure your immune system is operating at full capacity. However if your bodies levels of these vitamins is already high, taking extra is of no real benefit. Other forms of natural medicine, such as homeopathy, can assist your body to prepare for an attack by pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

What modern medicine refers to as the immune system is called the vital force by homeopaths. However a person’s vital force is much more than just the immune system and is really the power or energy that brings a human being to life. Homeopathic remedies can help your vital force by placing it on red alert for any attack by a virus. This method of treatment works by enhancing the body’s inherent immunity and, dose not interfere with the body’s natural immune function. A person’s vital force is ultimately what removes a virus and keeps a person well. This is evident in the fact that it doesn’t matter how much medicine you give a dead man, it will do nothing as the vital force is no longer functioning.

A person’s vital force can vary in strength as it is affected by events that occur during a person’s life. Occasions such as a death in the family, a car accident, or a serious illness can all affect a person’s vital force. Some medicines can also have a detrimental effect on a person’s wellbeing. An adverse reaction to a medicine can reduce a person’s vital force and leave them unwell; however homeopathic treatment can help restore a person to good health again.

Each person is an individual and will respond differently to treatment so it is important to see an experienced practitioner who can assess your individual situation and particular needs.

I look forward to seeing you.

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