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Children’s Immunity

I love treating children with natural medicine as they respond so well with the right medicine. As kids grow they build their immunity naturally by being exposed to viruses and bacteria. When a child falls ill their immune response is activated against the invading pathogen. After a period of time the immune system is normally successful at removing the invader. The great benefit derived from illness is the next time that particular virus or bacteria attacks the child their immune system will recognise the invader and know how to kill it quickly. This is natural immunity. So exposure to illness is an important part of building a child’s immunity, but we don’t want our precious little ones to suffer more than necessary. Natural medicine can assist a child’s immune system to overcome infections as quickly as possible, while still allowing natural immunity to develop. When treating an acute illness like colds and flu it is important not to use medicine that works against your immune system. When your body has been invaded, one of the tactics your immune system uses is to create a fever to heat up your body. Bacteria and viruses are killed by heat so the fever helps to destroy them. Taking medications that eliminate a fever makes it more difficult for you immune system to eliminate the illness.

Every child is an individual and will experience illness in their own distinct way. Due to this the best treatment is one that is tailored specifically to the particular symptoms an individual currently suffering from.

I look forward to helping you with your children’s health.

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