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Healthy diet & mind

There is a multitude of weight-loss diets available but most only work temporarily due to people not being able to stick to restrictive programs. Other dieters become bored with the same foods or just get plain hungry which makes it difficult to continue. Minor changes to what most Australians eat can result in effective weight loss and improved health. People don’t need to live on rice crackers and diet shakes to lose weight and they certainly don’t need to go hungry.

Often a person’s ability to make healthy choices is influenced, not only by a lack of nutritional knowledge, but by emotional issues they are experiencing. A stressed person is more likely to choose an easy option to eat rather than preparing a healthy meal. Likewise someone suffering depression or grief may have little interest in the nutritional content or amount of calories in the food they eat. Low self esteem can result in a person choosing large amounts of ‘comfort foods’ like chocolate or ice cream, which often leave them feeling worse afterwards. Unless a person is emotionally balanced attempts at weight management can result in cycles of weight loss followed by weight gain as diets are chopped and changed. Resolving mental or emotional issues first, followed by realistic dietary advice, sets a person up for successful weight loss rather than yo-yo diets which only make them feel like failures.

Clinical trials show natural medicine is effective in supporting patients with mental health issues and can result a reduced level of side effects when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Products are also available to increase the rate of a person’s metabolism and encourage the breakdown of fat stored in the body.

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