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Fertility and Natural Medicine

Are you trying to conceive? Perhaps you are considering IVF treatment? Well now you can join the growing number of couples who are falling pregnant with the use of natural medicine. The clinical experience of some qualified homeopaths has shown that fertility treatment with homeopathy has a success rate of 87%. This is higher than IVF and certainly much more affordable. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances and are easy to take as well as generally being free from side effects. Many women are choosing to have children later in life which can make falling pregnant more difficult. Another common concern is long term use of the oral contraceptive pill which can delay the return of normal ovulation by as much as six to twelve months after stopping. Homeopathic fertility treatment works by supporting the female body to produce the fertile conditions necessary for conception. Some of these conditions are a regular cycle, normal menstruation, ovulation of a healthy egg, and a healthy environment within the reproductive organs. Some common issues that work against conception are thrush, altered vaginal mucus, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted disease, or structural changes. Repeated miscarriage is also a sign of dysfunction which requires specific treatment. But let’s not forget that “It takes two to tango” and males with fertility issues can also benefit from homeopathic treatment to assist with their contribution to successful conception. So if you’re having trouble falling pregnant or you just want to give your baby the best start in life book a consultation today.

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