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Avoiding coughs & colds

Are you tired of your children, or yourself, getting sick with colds and flu each year? If the answer is yes, I have very effective products to boost your immunity. With the onset of cooler weather children and adults have been coming to my clinic seeking treatment for colds and flu with symptoms such as: chesty coughs, fatigue, aches &pains, and headaches. Herbal medicine can increase your body’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria and after a course of treatment with some herbs the increase in immunity can last for 2 months, even after the bottle is finished. If you have already fallen victim to a cold or flu other herbs are very effective at reducing the severity and duration of these illnesses. Concerned mothers regularly bring babies and children to me who are miserable with a cold or flu. Often they have tried other methods to get well but have been unsuccessful at overcoming the illness. Children and babies often dislike strong tasting herbal mixtures or are unable to take tablets. In these cases homeopathic remedies are very useful as there is no bad taste and they are easy to administer. When I was leaving the clinic one evening last week a concerned mum brought in her little girl in because she had a headache, runny nose, nausea, and was weeping regularly. After taking a list of her symptoms I prescribed a remedy and sent her home to bed. Her mum told me the next day her daughter woke with a smile on her face and was fully recovered.

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