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Autism and learning disorders

In recent years there has been an alarming increase in the number of children suffering from autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Records show that 1 in 91 children are diagnosed with autism and that ADHD affects 1 in 10 school age children. Genetic factors can predispose children to developing these conditions. For example children with autism more frequently have a genotype that reduces their ability to remove toxins from the body. It has also been suggested that inflammation of an autistic child’s brain can result in toxins being produced that can cause behavioural changes and damage to their brain. I see the impact these disorders have on children and how it robs them of normal childhood development. The stress on their parents is also visible as they try to understand what is happening and how best to cope. There is no “quick fix” available for these kids but treatment with natural medicine, such as homeopathy, can help. Each child will need to be carefully assessed which includes not only their current condition but also their full life history. By building a clear picture of each child a remedy can be selected that is a perfect match for them. Every child is as individual so prescribing the same medication for a group of kids just because they have all been “labelled” with a particular disorder is not appropriate. To discuss this further please call or drop in to my clinic.

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